Sunday, July 12

Tuesday, October 14


My employers wife ran into my parked car. First estimate to repair/replace plastic is $1100.

Thursday, September 5

Where's the Pic

Can't get a picture to show up??

Ghost town in MT

Wednesday, August 28

Teacher Ryan Joke

Teacher Ry: What is the chemical formula for water? ............. Student: H I J K L M N O ! ................. Teacher Ry: What are you talking about? ...................... Student: Yesterday you said its H to O......

Thursday, August 8


where is image?

test map uplaod

Road trip West North

With gas receipts and GPS I retraced a lot of the places I blew through: New glassgow, Woodstock, Richmond ME, Patterson NY, West Unity OH, Toledo, Milan, Fairmont MN, Mankato,lacrosse WI, Keystone Mitchell SD, Belvidere, Kadoka, Rapid City, Spear Fish, ** BROADUS** MT, Crow agency, Helena, Big Timber, Clarsholm AB, 6000 km, stay in Canada 5500 km according to google;)

Thursday, July 11


I smell smoke when I look at this picture.

Pavement Pool

It is not a duck pond. I was driving by and pulled a U-turn because I thought it was a public pool. It is a 4 foot deep pool of chlorinated water. the water is cleaned and dumped in from the sides. I think it might also be used as a skating rink in the winter.

Pricey Bridge Chips

$4.00 a bag, the lobster flavour was better.

Tuesday, February 5



comfortable in any setting

what can we say the man can rock a sweater

                                                          kevlar sweaters are, as you might guess, bulletproof.

Wednesday, January 23

Packing up

Found some old negatives and put them in the scanner. Probably 22 years old with long hair. The new guitar pic was in Korea, 26 years old.

Wednesday, December 5

Thursday, November 29

the ol' ghost child in elevator trick

Hilarious, then creepy, then distrurbing - people at their most frightened

Tuesday, November 13

souped up tractor

 kev could do this. right? right!